What to choose at Beautyfini Salon: Acrylic or SNS nails? 

Confused about which manicure is the best match for your nails? Beautyfini salonnear South Quayoffer a wide variety of different nail treatmentsand styles such as gel, shellac, acrylic or SNS nails. Acrylic is the oldest form of manicure, but SNS is relatively new – so which of them does what for your nails? 


  • Acrylicis often used to extend or reshape natural nails as a mix of powder and liquid monomer is applied to the nail with a brush and then air-dried, offering a long-lasting nail restyling of up to three weeks
  • Plus:The acrylic manicuredoesn’t require a UV light to harden the coat, so it’s a very natural treatment. For the finish you can choose from over 300OPInail varnishes or normal nail polishes available at Beautyfini Salon. 
  • Minus:Acrylics are high maintenance as they need to be properly removed, regularly filled, and kept clean ideally by a good nail technician. By booking a manicureand “soak-off” at Beautyfini Salon you ensure this is handled by an expert. 


  • SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems, a nail powder which you dip your fingertips into after a clear gel base coat is applied. Therefore, it’s ideal for unique styles as it offers individual shaping and colour combining – perfect for special occasions!
  • Plus:The SNS manicureprocess can be repeated to build thickness and colour intensity. No LED curing is required, and the powder is rich in minerals supporting the health of your nails. Beautyfini Salon have over 400 SNS colours to choose from.
  • Minus:As the colour is in a powder form it’s harder to know what it will look like on the nail compared to seeing it in a bottle. 

Get it right with our experts!

Beautyfini salonnear Canary Wharfcan give you an individualised consultation through their very well trained and experienced staff. AND: all their tools are regularly sterilized for perfect hygiene! Find them here: Suite 2, Scott House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf, London, E14 9UG or call us on 0207 5388855. 

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