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Beautifini was found to provide working professionals with high-quality threading & waxing treatments without the usual hassle, fuss & discomfort normally experienced in other beauty salons. Situated in the Heart of London – Canary Wharf our focus is on providing convenient threading services that fit around your busy working life.

Our threading services are quick, clean & professional. Every week we thread over 100 pairs of eyebrows.

What is threading?

Threading is the removal of unwanted hairs using a 100% cotton thread. Threading has the ability to get super fine hairs, so there is less visible regrowth. We swear by threading as the go-to technique to define and shape your eyebrows

This is an ancient technique to remove hair, which has been passed down over generations. It is important that your eyebrow threading is done by a threading specialist. It is not something you should trust general beauty therapists to do. When done by a professional, the result is cleaner, more natural and beautiful eyebrows that can dramatically change the look of your entire face.

Prior to your threading treatment, our experienced therapist will have a consultation to understand and advise on what you are looking for whether that be an eyebrow shape or even just a tidy up. We believe all women are blessed with beautiful eyebrows and our aim is to help you enhance and perfect them.

Our most popular threading services are:

  • Eyebrow Threading – Where your eyebrows are perfectly shaped to match the structure of your face. Our therapists are expert eyebrow therapists.
  • Upper Lip Threading – Our Upper Lip Threading Service removes all excess hair from your upper lip, removing the appearance of a moustache.
  • Lower Lip Threading – Our Upper Lip Threading Service removes all excess hair from your upper lip, removing the appearance of a moustache.
  • Chin Threading – Chin threading is one of our most popular services. Our experienced threading therapists remove all chair from your chin.
  • The side of Face Threading – Excess sideburns can be a common problem for women. Our side of face threading service removes all excess hair from the side our your face.

How long does threading take?

A simple eyebrow threading can take just 5-7 minutes. The upper lip takes about 3 minutes; a full-face thread takes about 15-20 minutes.

Threading is a lot gentler than waxing, as it uses rolls of cotton to gently remove the hair from you face, rather than removing layers of skin as facial waxing does. This ensures that threading does not leave your skin red, a common occurrence when you wax your face.

Threading is usually a relaxing treatment when done by our threading experts and is hands-down the best way to get a beautiful shape to your eyebrows.

How often?

Depending on your hair type anywhere between 3 – 4 weeks. Many of our clients claim that regular threading results in finer hair growth.

What Are The Benefits of Threading?

Threading is a 100% natural hair removal method, threading uses no wax or chemicals. This is what makes threading perfect for sensitive skin.

Threading at Beautyfini salon is far less painful than other hair removal techniques. The role of cotton gently removes hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched & free from damage.

Threading is extremely accurate, which is why threading is used to beautifully shape your eyebrows. Threading even allows individual hairs to be removed & hair can even be removed in lines to create the perfect shape for your eyebrows. Threading picks up all hairs on the surface of your face & removes even really fine hair without damaging the skin on your face.

Threading is gentle on your skin, it does not burn, damage the skin or cause an allergic reaction like other hair removal techniques. This is exactly why we specialise in threading including eyebrow threading, face threading & chin threading.

Threading is perfect for clients who have acne or sensitive skin as it doesn’t damage the skin or hair follicles. Our threading therapists use anti-bacterial cotton to gently remove the hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched.

Can men be threaded too?

Yes! In fact, we encourage eyebrow threading for men because it maintains the natural look of a man’s eyebrow, without appearing overdone or even done at all. Whether you want to separate a unibrow or thin out bushy brows, threading will give you a clean brow line that’s perfect for your next date, headshot or an important interview.

What you should know before Eyebrow threading?

Is it safe to get threaded after cosmetic surgery?

Check with your doctor about the specific healing time for your procedure and inquire how long you should wait until to resume threading.

Should I have my eyebrows threaded before or after tanning?

Tanning before a facial threading is okay. However, the skin is too sensitive immediately after threading to be exposed to a tanning bed. It is a good idea to wait at least 48 hours after having your eyebrows threaded before tanning.

Why does the threaded put the thread in her mouth?

The thread must be pulled taut in order to accurately and precisely remove each hair. However, the thread that touches the threader’s mouth never touches your face.

Beautyfini’s Eyebrow Top Tips:

  • If your eyebrows are too thin in areas, use castor oil or Vaseline petroleum jelly to help them grow.
  • You may find in the summer, your eyebrows will grow faster. This is because your pores open with the heat and you may find you need to thread them more often.
  • Do not tweeze your eyebrows as this disturbs the growth of your hairs and may cause in-grown hairs. After only a few threading sessions you will notice healthier and stronger brows.
  • Do not alter the length of your brows as this spoils your natural beauty and natural contour of your face and eyes.

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